United Freight Systems is comprised of ultra-talented and experienced consultants and professionals. If you would like to reach them separately please use the addresses below and remember to send a copy of that email to united@bol-online.com


President: shahed@unitedbd.com
Directors: directors@unitedbd.com

Key personals in Dhaka Office (Head Office)

General ManagerGeneral Manager: gm@unitedbd.com
Manager (Operation): operations@unitedbd.com
Manager (Air Freight Operations): airexports@unitedbd.com
Manager (Sea Freight Operations): seaexports@unitedbd.com
Sr. Executive (Import Air & Sea): imports@unitedbd.com
Manager (Accounts): accounts@unitedbd.com
Sales Manager: managersales@unitedbd.com

Key personnel in branch offices

Chittagong Office
Incharge: chittagong@unitedbd.com
Assistant Manager: info@unitedbd.com

Khulna Office
Incharge: khulna@unitedbd.com
Sr. Executive: info@unitedbd.com

Key personnel in Dhaka office
Sr. Executive: info@unitedbd.com